Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ahh, the overtime returns

Ten hour day, day two. Weekend work wouldn't surprise me either. Rather work this one than the following one (machine gun shoot weekend), Nice to get some OT again. Tomorrow will be normal start up time, but Thursday, not so much. Have another dental appointment Thursday which means hauling myself to work at five AM so I can get my ten hours in before going to the dentist for scraping, poking and blood letting. Should be a down right fun day.
Did manage to get laundry and lawn work done after work today, so I may be able to hit the clubs monthly meeting tomorrow. It's that, or come home and cook up some pork tenderloin that I picked up today on the cheap. May hit the store on the way home and pick up a few more. I slice them up and freeze sections in meal plus size packets. May chop some up for pork tacos.

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