Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two, not one, dang it...

Managed to break part of a tooth last week, and it is tender. Get in to the dentist and find out what I thought was a cavity on the other side is actually another tooth with a missing chunk, just doesn't hurt. Yeah. Get to spend Thursday getting two crowns. Will be nice to get rid of the throbbing on the one side though. Nice set up though. Being the procrastinator that I am, haven't hit the dentist in a few, or several, years. It's a whole lot nicer now with the digital instant x-ray deal they have. Shoots my tooth and shows it to me on the monitor mounted above my chair instantly. Get to go get a couple wisdom teeth yanked as well. In some ways, it still beats being at work:) Need to get back into a preventative mode. Just lost track of time since I moved years ago and never got around to getting a new dentist. One more day of a throbbing jaw.

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  1. Once you start seeing a dental hygienist, for the first visit be prepared for lots of frowning.