Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well, it was nice out all day anyhow

Absolutely gorgeous out all day, until I get off.... It got up well into the seventies and sunny. I did manage to get a couple hours of nice weather before the rain. The car radio looks and sounds so much better now that it is in the car and not on the counter. I installed an adaptor that lets me use the steering wheel control as well. Didn't get the navigation part installed, but the rest of the radio is in and works flawlessly. Hooked up my Ipod and the radio actually controls the ipod right from the touch screen. It is awesome. I managed to get four speakers, the radio, the navigation add on, back up camera with wiring and all the adaptors and harnesses for about three hunded less than the local auto joint wanted for the just the radio and  camera with installation. She went in smooth.

                                                     Out with the old single cd player.

                   New radio looks factory. The adaptor fits perfectly with no ugly gaps or bulges.

The I-pod links up perfect and displays really nicely. Going to try and get the nav unit installed tomorrow weather permitting. I ran the wires while the dash was apart. Just need to run the antenna for the navigation, and the separate antenna for the traffic updates. Shouldn't take but a half hour. Just don't like trying to install stuff with the doors shut because it is raining outside. Thursday, weather permitting, I hope to run the cable to the back for the license plate back up camera. Again, the cables are connected at the radio end so I don't have to pull it again. Only odd wire I have left is the one that connects to the parking brake so you can play movies. Don't plan on watching movies, but, I will hook it up so it is proper. Looks and sounds awesome. Hope the weather is decent tomorrow so I can play with it a little bit. I linked my phone to it as well. You can make and answer calls through the radio, which reminds me I have to run the microphone as well. The important part is done. I am so happy to be able to play my I-pod through  the radio as I have quite an extensive audio library on it, and it is so much nicer than fumbling with CD's.

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