Saturday, April 26, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

NRA convention would have been nice, but, we have been working a lot of overtime with little head notice. Didn't feel like securing a hotel and not being able to attend. I believe next years meet is in Louisville. I will schedule my vacation for it so I can guarantee being able to go. Not worth driving up to Indy and trying to find parking. Long drive for a single day and too much to see when there. Don't want to feel rushed. Probably get there early and check out some of the attractions in and around Louisville when I go. I love Kentucky. Gorgeous area and lots to do. I would live on the Kentucky side if it wasn't for the Ohio river. Catch the bridge under construction and the detour would make for a long ride in to work. It's still close enough for weekend and evening trips.

Still had a great day. The weather is perfect. I took advantage of it and got my grass cut, weed whacked and trees trimmed. Took out a couple of dead bushes that the draught took out. Year before last killed a couple of them and seriously damage a couple more. The damaged ones finally died all together. Have a tree near the house that doesn't look good. Still no buds at all. May take it down next weekend. Picked up some new bushes from Lowes to replace dead ones. Putting in some butterfly bushes. Been getting a ton of humming birds and butterflies through the yard. A ton of various types of birds fighting for real estate in the Arborvitaes at the edge of my back yard. Want to put rock down around the trees. Waiting on someone to put it on sale. Usually use mulch, but getting tired of having to replace it. Tiring day, but very productive.

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  1. I was sorry to have missed it too, but glad Midwest Chick and Mr. B, could bunk at my little place as hotel space was premium. Hopefully, I will see you next year. SDF is not all that far away.