Tuesday, April 8, 2014

slight delay between drizzles

I finally got a break in the weather to install the navigation unit to the radio and run the cable back to the back up camera. Definitely not near as flexible as I use to be. Age and a fat belly have made maneuvering in tight spaces a bit of a challenge. I finally managed to get the back up camera working, after much fiddling with the settings in the radio. I thought I had it wired wrong at first, but it was just a setting on the radio. Still have to hook up the wire to the parking brake. Navigation unit is not working. Trying to figure out if it's a bad unit or just a setting on the radio. Stuff is just too complicated anymore. Can't get video through the navigation unit, but, the annoying bitch voice on the unit notifies me that I am speeding when I headed to the store. Sorry, my truck doesn't do thirty, period. Have to play with it tomorrow and see if I can get the video on navigation to work. It may have to do with the parking brake wire not being hooked up. Don't plan on watching movies, so I wasn't too concerned with it, but it may be needed for the navigation control. They use to hook it up to the ground side, but people just grounded the wire out and bypassed the safety. Now, it hooks to the hot side of the brake light circuit so it can sense voltage change somehow. Nanny police making life more difficult. Hopefully have it debugged tomorrow.

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