Friday, April 11, 2014

Machine gun shoot day, yesssss

Got up at the crack of dawn and headed out. I love the new radio. My entire I-pod collection on the dash. The navigation unit is flawless. I love how it turns the volume down and lets me know the turn is coming up. I still tend to crank the volume, so, I use to miss a turn once in a while with the garmin. Made it out to the shoot really early, but, not quite early enough. I got all excited when I first got there. They ushered me up to the parking lot up by the entrance to the shoot. The lot was full, dang it. They funneled us through that lot and way way back to a far back lot. If I had been there ten cars earlier, I would have been parked by the gate. Parking by the gate gives easy access to your vehicle for carrying heavy items back to the vehicle rather easily. It also gets you out of the overcrowded bus ride up to the shoot. I always walk as the buses are standing room and everyone packed in like sardines. Maybe next year. I keep toying with just camping there. The spring shoot is usually decent temperature wise. Besides, the helicopter pad is in the campground.

I picked up a couple of lowers that need a little work. I picked them up for $30 a pop. Have a little mill and want to try my hand at making a lower from scratch. The 80% ones look way too easy: ) If they turn out decent, I may pick up a billet and make one from scratch. Another project for my free time. Also picked up a 40 round magazine, just because. First time I saw one and I just got a have one.

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