Friday, April 25, 2014

Great start for the weekend

Got off work and headed to the range until it got dark out. Perfect weather. Lots of fun. Finally took the henry 22 for a little exercise. They had cowboy town set up for a shoot scheduled for tomorrow. Going to have to head up there to watch. We set up some older targets so as not to upset their setup for the competition. They have been very busy. A lot of new buildings out there. It looks fantastic. Lots of new targets as well. Took the high standard 22 I picked up at the last auction a few months back out as well. Not as pretty as my browning, but shoots dead on. Good investment. Picked it up really cheap. No one present bid on it and the online bidder was low. I couldn't let it go to someone else that cheap. Flea market all weekend, so probably check it out in the AM. Suppose to stay nice all weekend. Sunday will be the last spot shoot for the spring at the club. I will probably work it and get some of my hours in for the year.

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