Thursday, April 10, 2014


Finally finished the radio project. Couldn't figure out why the navigation unit didn't work. Wrote pioneer, and sonic electronics for support. Several hours later and still waiting for them to call back. Figured it out after checking the wiring for the brake and double checking all connections. Went through all the submenus in the system folder. Finally found the setting. Does it simply have a drop down menu like the rest of the tabs in the system, no. Is it titled nav unit, no. They set a default to the I-phone, because I guess the whole world uses the I-phone. Make it too easy if they had no default and a menu to pick what you are actually using. The setting is titled for the USB input, even though it uses a RGB input. The I-phone setting doesn't change when you click it, you have to touch a grayed out small icon in the shadows of the setting and then it displays a grayed out drop menu. Wasted a couple days checking wires because of a setting they decided to hide. Maybe I can let them know what it was if and when their support team decides to follow through on their promise to call back.

On the plus side, it is awesome. The navigation unit turns the radio down and lets you know where to turn, then, unpauses the radio again. Best part is it won't be sliding around the dash when the mount loosens up like the garmin did. Found the setting to shut the voice off that lets me know I am speeding. We are officially done with the install and ready for the virgin run. Tomorrow starts the machine gun shoot. The very best gun show around. Where else outside of combat can you go and watch things get blown up and burn. Rent a machine gun, a flame thrower or go for a ride in a Huey. Only in America. Suppose to rain, but I'll just take a rain coat along. Most of the gun show is under a pavilion anyhow.

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