Friday, January 31, 2014

Lot's to do, and I get to work

Tomorrow is the big gun auction, and I have to work. Oh well, there wasn't much I was interested in this time around. And I get to make a little extra cash. Besides the gun auction, it's double gun show weekend. A couple weekends a year, two gun shows, one in my county, the other, one county over, land on the same weekend. It will be a nice one day weekend anyway. Surprisingly, as close together as they are, there are enough vendors and people that they are both rather full gun shows. Not like when the two Evansville ones line up and half set up at one and the rest set up at the other one. The one in Booneville is usually really cool. They get some antiques and unique guns and trinkets. Still getting over a really vile bug, so have to see how ambitious I get. Definitely going to try and hit at least one of them. Antibiotics are knocking the edge off a bit. They have been kicking the bug around work for a couple months now and I was hoping on missing it. Hate giving money to the doctors that can be better spent on ammo.

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