Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bah, humbug. Back to work tomorrow

It was a good run, but back to the old grind tomorrow. Quite literally. Hopefully my rebuilt servo drives will be waiting on my bench when I get back and I can get the little OD grinder back up and kicking. The time off was nice. Wish I had been more productive with the time, but I enjoyed some down time. I can get the chores done in the evenings that I have to do. Did some reading on my downtime, as well as watching some walking dead. One of the shows left on the air I enjoy watching.

Caught the latest hobbit movie at the IMAX. They do a decent job, but, like most stories, there is so much material, you can only touch on the highlights of the adventure. I had to read the hobbit back in junior high. I also read the lord of the rings books back then. Much like Stephen King movies, the books are way better than the movie could possibly be. I reread the hobbit a couple weeks back just to refresh myself with the full story. They did do a great job with the graphics, though the price is a bit high. Don't do the movies much, but when they get a decent action flick with 3D in it, I make a trip to the theater.

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