Friday, January 17, 2014

Two whole days off

I still can't believe it. Hot job in house and I got the whole weekend off. That never happens. Came home and made a nice vat of chili to enjoy over the weekend. We actually got a dusting of snow today. Woke up to a little snow on the grass, you could clearly see green patches everywhere, and, they delayed schools and closed some. I remember as a kid walking through blizzards to school. They never cancelled. It is quite weird being down here and watching the shear panic when white fluff falls from the sky.

Indy show this weekend, but I am leaning towards just staying home and trying to finish up a couple projects that I have in the works. Be nice to relax a bit and enjoy some chili and corn bread. Been using a cornbread recipe with some cream corn mixed in and it is really good.

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