Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hump Day.....

Finally remembered to start the Vette up and let her run a bit today. Been several weeks, and, she fired right up. This is the first non Die Hardly battery I have had in it. I really wish I would have changed brands long ago. I have always blamed the dead batteries on me not running the car regularly. No more sears batteries for me.

Got the Indy gun show this weekend. Not sure if I am going yet or not. Have to see how ambitious I get. Started a couple indoor projects and would like to stay focused. Trimming out the fireplace and hiding some of the wiring for the surround sound. Kept putting it off, but I have a good start on it now and should wrap it up this weekend.

Picked up a used hard drive off fleabay for an old lap top I have. Figure for forty bucks, I have a nice back up computer. The sound and video card were pretty nice in it as well for a laptop. Had bad issues with it a year or two back and just got a new computer. Wound up the drive was the whole problem (if you don't count the Vista windows in the equation). It did come with the win 7 upgrade discs though, which I am currently installing. Couldn't salvage anything off of the old drive. Sounds like a blender when it runs. Most important things I usually back up to a CD or a DVD anyhow, so no great loss. More of an inconvenience.

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