Friday, January 10, 2014

Ahhh, the weekend

Quite soggy, but very warm. GO global warming. Almost fifty out and suppose to stay warm through the weekend and part of next week. It was a rough first week back. Had one machine break a reader head on a scale that was buried in the depths of its rather nasty bowels. Took a day and a half to get it back up and going. Then, back to fighting the POS that I had the servo drives rebuilt for. Got the drives installed late last week, but, it decided to eat something else in a totally unrelated part of the machine. Machine runs great and holds size well, it's just ancient, like me. Most of the CNC grinders are circa 1980.

Feeling almost human again and I have the weekend off. Hopefully get to enjoy the weekend, soggy or not. Actually feel like going out and doing something and I am no longer coughing up bits of lung, yeah. May take a run out to Whitaker gun shop. Try the truck out on the highway for a bit. Haven't been up to driving other than back and forth to work.

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