Saturday, February 1, 2014


Yes indeed. I went to work today and it was chilly as one expects in February. I get off to find out it was sixty degrees most of today. BAHHHHH. I'm off tomorrow, but, it's back in the thirties and storm warnings. Looks like the worst of the storm is suppose to go above and below us if it stays on track. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if I didn't see anymore snow this year. Missed the gun auction. Probably try and hit both gun shows tomorrow though. Have to see how the cold is doing. May just stay in buried in blankets and try and get my ears and throat somewhat clear. I have had enough winter, come on spring.

Got a great deal on pork tenderloin. Super bowl special at the grocer. Bought a ten pound slab and split it up. Kept a little out, but most of it is vacuum packed and in the freezer already. I like my chest freezer. I can now buy bulk when I see a good deal and stock up.

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