Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wow,, I didn't realize how bad it got.

I lucked out down here and we missed almost everything. We had a dusting and we have the ice cold. I have been living on Nyquil and sleeping a lotttt. I worked yesterday and today with my head buried in a machine getting it up and running. I have not watched the news. I hibernated where I could. Until today, I did not realize how bad the storm hit most of the Midwest area. My son called and said Ford shut down. Told me he had a couple feet of snow by him. I don't miss the lake effect snow one bit. He said they shut down the expressways. It has been a couple decades at least since I have seen that happen. I use to have to drive on the expressways up their daily. Express they never are.  Take care everyone and I hope the thaw comes soon. Stay safe and warm.

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  1. Happens in a small way about every 3 years. In a BIG way every 10 or so.

    Last big one was 2003, IIRC, so we are due for a big snowstorm. Watch this space last week of Feb/First week of March

    Can't log on so you get me anonymous.

    B from MOR