Monday, May 2, 2016

Ahh, primaries tomorrow

If Trump is doing well enough, I may hold my nose and vote for Bernie for the primary. Will I vote Bernie on election day? Hell no. But any nail in Hillary's coffin is worth a try. I keep hoping Bernie will run as an independent. That would kill any chance of a Demorat getting into office.  If Trump isn't pulling the lead, I will throw my vote that way. Cruz can suck it. Don't like the way they are trying to win on a secondary vote. Trump has the majority of the vote. If they steal the nomination from him, I will vote for all offices but president. Not particularly a fan of Trump, but the underhanded tactics to try and undermine his lead is despicable. It may be legal, but it is not right. If they didn't want Trump, they should not have allowed him in to start with. Allowing him in and allowing him to spend his money on campaigning only to steal it away is wrong, plain and simple. This election is going to suck as there really is nobody worth voting for. Damned if I will allow Clinton to get in office by not trying, but, at this point, if it is Cruz or Clinton, I am out. Couldn't care less which weasel gets in at that point.

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