Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Well, maybe the cartoons aren't that far off after all with their southern depictions.

I work just inside Indiana. Right on the Kentucky border. One bridge separating the two. I work with quite a few Kentuckians. There is the usual joking banter back and forth between us Hoosiers and the Kentuckians. Today however, I had to give a few a hard time. Yesterday, the Kentucky primaries, Hillary either won, or just barely didn't (the official count is still out it is so close). How on earth does a state that makes it's money on coal and tobacco support the one nominee who has outright stated she was going to put coal mines out of business and make coal miners jobless. Not a summary or opinion of what I think she stands for, words out of her own mouth. How screwed up does a state have to be to actually support the person killing them. The local demorats are trying to spin it in Hillary's favor. They claim Trump doesn't care for Kentucky and how Clinton will make it a priority. Wow. Still trying to figure out why Hidabeast isn't wearing an orange jumpsuit while serving time on the tampering with evidence charge while they sort the e-mal fiasco out, but, what do I know. The coal mines have been devastated. A lot of people are out of work and it doesn't stop there. A lot of local businesses that supported the industry are suffering badly. I am at a loss how on earth people that have been hurt so badly by a party, can turn around and support the very people who screwed them. Unreal. Not a Bernie fan, but I am enjoying watching him torture Hillary. An antique self proclaimed socialist is giving her a run for the money. If not for the super delegates rigging the vote, Hillary would have a bit of trouble. I am so enjoying watching her get flustered.

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