Saturday, May 21, 2016

It didn't rain:)

We actually got a decent day. Overcast, but no rain. Suppose to be nicer tomorrow, and then back to several days of rain. I got some yard maintenance done and did some shopping. Several things I could not find down here since moving down nine years ago. One of them, gnocchi. The supermarket up north had them in the freezer section. I finally found them down here. Vacuum packed in the pasta aisle. Use to buy them in the freezer section. May cook some up tomorrow.

 Went out house hunting a bit as well. Just driving by some of the ones I find on Zillow for now. Doubt I will do anything this year. I want to thin out some of what I have first. One I liked sold already. Not on market long. Had an attached two car garage, a detached 2 1/2 car garage, full walkout basement and over an acre backing up on woods. Older smaller home, but for me and my dog, plenty big enough. Went by a couple houses that will be open housed tomorrow. Figure I can see what the houses look like in the area I want so as to get an idea what the area is worth. It is right around the club and there are a lot of little lakes and ponds out in that area. Lots of woods and no sidewalks. Nice and rural. But, there is nearby shopping less than a few miles down the road. Restaurants, movies, Lowes and the supermarket. So you get privacy, yet there are all the necessities nearby as well. It would also still be a ten minute ride to work:) The club would be a few minutes away. It has fishing and shooting, so all bases covered.

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