Tuesday, May 3, 2016


The polling place was packed. I made fast tracks out the door right at quitting time so I could get down there before the crowd. When I got there, the line was single file and out the door. It only took about twenty minutes to get through and out. When I left, it was out the door and half way across the parking lot, and people were still coming. I got off at 3:30 today, which is unusual for me. Popular quitting time. I am so happy I shot straight over and got in ahead of the crowd.
Would have been more entertaining a bit earlier. My buddy on second shift went in on his way to work. Says some ditzy blond (she was wearing a Bernie shirt, thus the ditzy) was in line ahead of him. One of the poll workers came up and told her she couldn't be in the building with anything pertaining to a candidate. She smiled, stripped off the Tshirt and flipped it around and put it back on. I didn't know Bernie was supplying strippers. Guess his funding ran low by afternoon. This is the busiest I have seen for a primary. It was actually busier than it usually would be for the actual election. See how the numbers come in. I keep hoping Sanders will decide to run as an Independent. It would guarantee no democrat in the White House.

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