Sunday, April 24, 2016

Great flea market

It was  a huge flea market/antique show. I enjoy looking at all the antiques. Unfortunately, I remember playing with a lot of the "antique" toys when I was a tot, so, I must therefore be an antique. Explains the creaks in the joints I suppose. Got out of there with just looking today. Had some items of interest, but nothing I couldn't live without. It was most enjoyable though. I cut the grass when I got home, so I got more than enough exercise for one day. Really don't want to have to go back to work tomorrow. Way too pleasant outside for that.

Cruz was in town for the latest anti Trump rhetoric. Trump is due to visit on Thursday. Kasich is suppose to pop through in May, not sure why he is still running about. Hopefully the demorats stay clear of town. Especially Killary. Bernie I can find some humor in, sort of. Hillary aggravates me on sight, just as Obama's presence does. Hillary should be doing time for multiple reasons, but, being a Clinton, it will just be noise on the news for a bit and go nowhere. This has to be the worst choices for president ever. Seems like we are on a downward spiral as I have felt the same way for the last few election cycles.

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