Thursday, May 12, 2016

One more day

And I get four off. Get Tuesday for my birthday and I took Monday as a vacation just to get a long break. Hoping it will be a bit drier than it has been lately. We have been getting tornadoes down here. Luckily they are hitting surrounding areas and not making it here yet. Winds and torrential downpours, power outages and other fun events. Ready for some sunshine. Get to go to a gunshow at the 4H center this weekend. Keep hoping my grandkid gets delivered this weekend to give me a chance to head up for a longer visit. Babies usually don't cooperate though. The mother to be is a Halloween baby, so a Friday the 13th baby would be appropriate. Would be a great birthday present as well:)

Garage is looking great. I finally got it really organized. Hope to play around in it quite a bit this weekend. I have been trying to decide on the garage in back and think I may have made up my mind. As much as I hate to, I believe I may move one more time. I am checking out houses on big lots out by the club. The drive to work would be the same. Right now, I am just looking around to see what is there. What I like is there are a lot of them out there with walkout basements, which would give me a nice shop area. Most have pole barns and decent lots, 1 to 2 acres. As far as a house, I don't need huge. A small three bedroom like I have would be fine. I am more interested in a bigger garage and or barn. Being right by the club would be a plus. If I hit the right area, I may be able to set up a small range in the back yard. Houses in the area are older, but I could get a decently updated house on a big lot with basement for about what my current house is worth. I hate moving and like my neighbors, but I would love to have a bit more property and wooded surroundings would definitely be a plus. I would also like to have a full size Bridgeport instead of a tabletop mill. Had a chance to pick up a small 6x18 surface grinder for next to nothing, but nowhere to put it right now. Probably hit a few open houses this weekend.

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