Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stupid, stupid, stupid

What is wrong with the idiots in the RNC???? I am not a big fan of Trump, but with the idiots they chucked up this election cycle, I will vote for him. Can they suck it up and just go with the program? Hell no. Enter Mittens Romney to the rescue? Really. They are going to start a third party nomination to weaken the vote on the right so Hillary doesn't have to work so hard. What a bunch of braindead idiots. Here I keep hoping Bernie will go independent and doom Hillary. I swear the right just loves to screw themselves if they can. We didn't vote for one of their elites, therefore, it is tantrum time. I am willing to bet money that for next election, they will change the rules. My prediction is, they will mimic the DNC on their massive number of super delegates so as to be able to steer the election better. It is working well for Hillary, as it did for Obama in 08. If they had several hundred super delegates like the democrats do, Cruz would be winning. Hillary may get in, but, we just may be witnessing the birth of a third major party, and the death spiral of the republican party.

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  1. Third party pretty much guarantees the dems get the election. 3rd graders could run a better strategy.