Monday, April 4, 2016

Some nice relaxation

Finally on vacation. Lots of relaxation, with a little work mixed in. Did some yard work, loaded up the garbage men with dead brush and junk, and, hit a gun show. The guys from Precision Ammo from up in Hobart Indiana started coming down here with supplies. They did so well, we are now a regular trip for them. I use to buy my bulk ammo from them when I lived up north. Found out about them via Og. What doesn't show up on their online price list is the odd ammo they make. Bought some ammo for the broomhandle from them at the last show. They have some odd military rounds that are usually hard to find. Naturally, they had the usual .45, 9mm and such as well. I got out of there cheap this time around. End of the week is the machine gun shoot. If the weather is decent and I feel up to it, I will be heading there and I am liable to spend my money out there better than at a local gun show.

Weather is a bit cool, but sunny and dry so far. Only hit the lower 60's today, briefly. Makes yardwork quite pleasant. Built a platform bird feeder yesterday. Birds are starting to use it now. My area doesn't get any squirrels, so I can get away with it. Going to try and get ambitious and get some rock spread while I am off. I did the back yard last year. This year, it is the front yards turn. Want to get the garage straightened out as well. Hope to finish up my AR lower while I am off. I have a lower parts kit. I would like to make programs to cut a full lower parts kit out of flat stock, just for the heck of it. Have some scrap pieces of 01 flat stock. Be cool to make an AR from complete scratch. Or as much as I can. I bought blank upper castings at the last machine gun shoot. Give one of them a go after I get the lower done.

Plan more on relaxing than working though. Sometimes, four weeks a year doesn't seem like enough vacation. If I live long enough to get nine more years in, I get five weeks a year. Of course, I will be about dead by then.  End of May, I become a Grandpa for the first time, so I will be making another trip up north to see the little rugrat. If he or she comes a couple weeks early, it may happen on my birthday :)

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