Friday, April 8, 2016

This weather sucks

Wet. cold and dreary. My joints are extremely sore. Not heading to the machine gun shoot. Don't think I can walk that much. Hopefully hit the fall shoot. Lower back and knees usually suck, this weather just makes them suck a bit more so than usual. Got some chores done, but no where near my goal. Definitely not up to moving rock. Did fill in some eroded spots in back yard and replanted grass. Reinforced with some canvas to try and prevent further erosion. Just total pain trying to dig or work on the ground. Did set up a treadmill and a bowflex in one of the spare bedrooms. Hope to build up the leg muscles to hopefully help the knee support. Getting old sucks. Bigtime.

May head out to the club for a bit tomorrow. Haven't been there in a while. New president of the club has pretty much destroyed it. A lot of the membership is quitting different activity groups. For the first time in fifteen years, they cancelled their spring spot shoots. The president changed the rules for the shoot, would not listen to the membership, and as a result, the whole spot shoot committee disbanded. We have a spring and a fall shoot that each last about three months each. It is a major source of income to offset club expenses. Not sure how the club will manage without the profit generated by the spring shoot. Might be the last year for the club. Want to check out another shooting club nearby. A buddy offered to get me on the waiting list. Not as fancy, but they allow full auto and large caliber, which is a plus. My buddy has a few machine guns. They have a pumpkin shoot in the fall. Kinda like R Lee Ermy with watermelons. Have to see if the club straightens out or not. I don't understand how they are changing a lot of the rules they are changing without a membership vote. I want to line up with a few of the long term members and see if we can do a recall on the board we have in now. Don't think it has been done before, but these guys are getting ridiculous. Club isn't too much fun anymore. They eliminated the dinners at our monthly meetings as a cost save. Eliminated the .22 shoots and substituted BB gun shoots. Sorry, none of the kids want to pay to shoot a BB at a target. Not to mention all the kids that have bought or received .22 crickets for using in the shoots as presents through the years. New board has pretty much sucked all the fun out of the club. Some long time members have outright quit already.


  1. I hope you feel better Rich. My knee is on the mend but this whole getting old thing stinks!

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Mine tend to be their worst as the weather rapidly fluctuates. Should calm down a bit once summer kicks in and the temp stabilizes a bit more. Should go to a doctor, but, don't like the idea of downtime. My job doesn't offer light duty and involves a lot of lifting and standing. When something snaps, I will go in :)