Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Combination of seniority and me getting lazy

Gun auction and an antique show this weekend. My name pops up on the weekend work list. I pull seniority for the third time in the eight years I have been down here. Now, I am off and the less senior guy, the FMLA abuser, gets to work instead. I am getting lazy. I use to work every hour I could get. I am starting to actually consider doing enjoyable things and turn down some of the overtime for the first time in my life. It feels weird, but great. Have lots left to do in the garage as well. I dug up all the stuff I need for the lower receiver I started on last year. I want to do some more on it this weekend. Going to do the magazine well. I got the mill leveled and tools organized.

I want to finish making a handle for my lathe as well. I have some sketches for what I want to do to the lathe for a CNC conversion.  Main challenge is I want to retain the ability to use it manually after conversion. I believe I came up with a perfect way of accomplishing that task. Have he motors, ballscrews and nuts, and I have made the controller for it. Just need to make some of the bracketry. So many different projects. 

I also dug the Mustang out. It has been sitting for a long time now.  I need to sit down and make up a list of what all I want to do and somewhat schedule what order to do them in. Right now, I just work on what I feel like doing, which is fine, but, I have so much started and nothing done. Think I am going to start by finishing the receiver as it is just about done. I need to get the lathe handle done and put back on so it is usable again. Also want to get the digitals mounted on the lathe. I am really looking forward to the weekend. Suppose to be dry and sunny. 

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