Sunday, April 17, 2016

Need to go back to work to rest

Spent the whole day getting the garage in order. Managed to move the benches and add the platform for the mill. Getting the mill up there was fun. Kept rocking it up on to 2x4's and increasing one by one. Finally able to walk it back into place gently nudging it with a real long 2x4 using it as a lever. Lots and lots of fun. Where is the fork truck when you need one. Did some major clean out. Garbage cans are full, so, that will be all the garbage clearing until after garbage day. I can see most of the bench tops again. It was a perfect day out there, except for the miserable wasps that are constantly trying to build new nests. I guess they are filling in until the mosquitoes are ready to pester everyone. Back to work tomorrow. Next weekend is the big gun auction.

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