Saturday, April 23, 2016

Destined to just stay home

Auction had nothing I was remotely interested in buying. Mostly cheap modern firearms. The silent auction had a lot of .303 brit ammo I would have bid on had there been any real reason to be there. I tried going to the antique and flea market at the 4H center. I always enjoy that. It was lined up out onto the highway going in when I went by in the morning and not moving very fast. I tried again a bit later, and it was the same. It was a combo of a lot of people, and the fact that almost everyone going in will wait forever to get up there and then dig for the money to enter. That and sit there conversing with the attendants taking the cash. I will try again tomorrow. I hate crowds and lines, so it wasn't worth it to wait. Was suppose to be sunny and in the seventies today. It was in the fifties, overcast and drizzly. Good day to stay indoors and just chill out for a bit. Supposedly suppose to be sunny and low eighties tomorrow. We will see. Should have been a weather man. I think I could guess blindly better than they can with their radar reports and equipment. It was nice relaxing with the dog for a bit. Had smoked pork butt for dinner. The local butcher shop had a heck of a sale on pork butts and ribs, all smoked and ready to go. A little bbq sauce and a bit of buffalo sauce for dipping made for a great easy dinner.

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