Saturday, April 16, 2016

Full weekend off, and what a weekend

After a horrid first week back to work, they gave me the weekend off. I made the weekend list for all of two hours before they marked me off. Wonderful. It is low 70's and sunny. Perfect. Went out for a cruise in the Vette. Came back and got the truck and headed over to harbor Freight. Picked up a heavy duty stand for my pedestal grinder, which I had had mounted on my bench. Hit up the grocery store. Back home, I played in the garage until dark. Continue tomorrow on garage. I built a platform to raise the mill up to bench height so I can put it in between the two benches I have so as to have everything against the same wall and out of the way. Should free up some floor space. I cleared up a whole bunch of room getting rid of garbage. The Mustang is clear of junk. Hope to start back up on renovations. Been sitting for some time now. Too many projects going on.

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