Sunday, March 24, 2013

That evillllll NRA

Why is it the NRA is painted as the evil entity. Here you have a socialist billionaire that is willing to try and buy a vote against our freedoms. Another one of our freedoms I should say. He has already deprived his constituents of soda and cigarettes. I don't understand how the NRA is an evil entity. The NRA is made up of American people that contribute our hard EARNED dollars to pool enough money together to hopefully be heard on the hill. Bloomberg, a self righteous ass who has mega dollars, calls us names and uses his money as a bully pulpit to muscle his idiotic views on the rest of us. I can not possibly fathom where the press is coming up with their 80-90percent of the public wants universal background checks. I have yet to find a solitary soul who agrees with that. Why don't they understand universal background check IS gun registration. The only way they could make universal background checks work is to know where all guns are now so they can track where they go to. Gun registration is and should be against the law. It didn't work in Germany in the 40's, it won't work here now. As unbelievable as it is, Germany is doing it again. Apparently the ignorant citizens didn't learn a thing during the last radical regime, history repeats itself yet again.
The news had another English person write in stating England's ban on guns has reduced gun violence and is working. How did that work out during the riots they had where the police got over run and the crowds pillaged and preyed on the unarmed helpless citizens. How did that work on the shootings they did have where the victim was defenseless? Why is she here and not in England? Why is Piers Morgan here and not in his perfect country of England? Why do foreigners come here and bash our freedoms? If they don't agree with our constitutional rights, why don't they get out? We left them a couple hundred years ago because of their ignorant ways. They came over here. If they don't like it, leave. I have nothing against foreigners, but it deeply offends me when someone comes to my country seeking to change it. They came to my country, I did not go to theirs nor do I have any desire to. Way too much to see here to have to spend a lot of money to go over seas. I urge everyone to write your congress critters. Make your voice heard. You can call them, but, if you write them, they usually write back. The ones that don't won't get my vote next election. I wrote a long letter to ALL the congress critters (except the pantie wastes in the oval office as they are beyond hope) and got responses back from over half of them. I will keep a list of those who wrote back. Those that don't (Donelly and a couple others) will be thanked at the polls. I vote in ALL elections. You can not just do the presidentials. The house could fall into democratic hands in the off year and then we would all be screwed. A stalled congress is better than one that can ram gun control, immigration reform and handouts for all laws until there is nothing left.

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