Saturday, March 23, 2013

Made money instead of spending.

Almost made it out of work yesterday without getting nailed into working today, almost. I thought hiding in the electrical cabinet of one of the machines would hide me. No such luck. Boss remembered an hour before quitting time he needed someone today. Gun auction day..... I am on vacation first week of April, so, hopefully he will remember next week and let me have next Saturday off. Maybe. Lost a servo drive on my circa 1985 CNC OD grinder, so I had to go old school and set up the job in one of the wore out abused manual grinders we have. Took half of today to make the machine somewhat functional. You would think machinists would have a clue that foreign machines use METRIC bolts. Took out some 3/8 bolts that were forced into the 10mm holes, retapped the holes. Broke loose the frozen feed controls. Fixed the autofeed. Filled the coolant. Put a new wheel on machine. Grinding side finishes everything, but we get the oldest, most worn out junk to do it with and the people have no idea how to PM a machine. Cutting side gets the brand spanking new high speed mills, NT's and lathes. Grinding side, we get whatever is left in a business we buy out. They wonder why I am always fixing the worn out junk. Drive I took out had one IC chip on it. The rest was banks of resistors, capacitors (or what was left of the leaking deteriorated things) and power transistors. It had five boards Sandwiched togeather and you had to take all the boards apart to disconnect the wires on the rear most board. Can't believe they wouldn't face the screws upward so as to facilitate an easy removal and install. Typical European forethought and planning. They are actually eyeballing a brand new ID OD grinder. It retails for $500,000, so, I am not holding my breath. Probably get another 1980ish hunk to piece togeather.

On the bright side, the auction I missed out on went like most of the gun shows as of late. They are set up with an online bidding that rusn alongside the auction. I checked the prices on the guns I wanted and they went much HIGHER than I or most sane people would have paid, so I was better off working. It was frigid this morning when I went in, but 60 degrees when I got off. They say we are going to get snow tomorrow. Weather is down right goofy lately.

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