Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring spot shoots starting up already

Tomorrow is the first of the spring spot shoots at the club. Hopefully, the light fluffy white stuff will stay away. Got just enough today to tint the grass. I am ready for some nice spring weather, even though it is still winter time.

Wrote all my congress critters yet again. Trying to get some of the guys at work to follow suit. One of the congressmen is a club member and helped sponsor the Indiana lifetime handgun permit years ago. He also was one of the founders of the Second amendment patriots club that meets at our club and discusses guns and politics. He speaks at our meetings when he is in town.

I found the easiest way to do it is I write a letter in word, copy and paste it into their webmail service. It still takes some time going to each critter's e-mail. Would be nice if they would make it where you could send one letter to multiple representatives, but you can't. They don't list a normal e-mail address so you could send it through normal outlook mail. I find e-mails get answered at times. Tried the phone deal once and wasn't too impressed with it. Not really sure if any message actually gets past the secretary or not. One nice feature they do have on the web mail is the remember me. It places a cookie on the computer so when you fill out your info once, it autofills on any more you do. I sent out to several different reps, so, after the first one, all I had to do was go to the next rep and paste the letter. The rest of the info was filled in and I could just hit send. Gives the option of whether or not you want a reply. I do sometimes actually get a reply. Some are generic while others are more personal. This one was on the gun issues, next one will be a detailed one on immigration. As far as the gun issues, I don't think Indiana has to worry about more than a couple of representatives.

Should be a nice day tomorrow. Start by working the shoot, then, meet up with a couple of buddies to shoot at cowboy town and the range. Blow some of the cobwebs out of the AR and shoot the cowboy guns again. Want to check out the new skeet machine as well. Club just bought a new machine and will be auctioning off the old one. Too bad I don't live out in the country where I could set it up. It's a professional unit. You can load hundreds of clays in it. Some people look for the birds as a sign of spring, I look for the spot shoots. The fall shoots was where I won the AR.

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