Sunday, March 24, 2013


April 11th is the grand opening of the Louisville Cabela's. And the 13th, R. Lee Ermey is going to be there. Sounds like a nice little road trip is in order. Being a contingent state, I can buy a rifle and bring it back with me. Be sweet if they ever fixed the law where pistols fell into the same category. I have been waiting for the Cabela opening for quite some time. Back in 2008 they were planning one just south of Indianapolis, but that got scrubbed when the economy went into the toilet (Obama got in). Hopefully that one will eventually be back in the works. May have to move my vacation a week. They are busy at work and I am almost certain to be asked to move it for a couple hot jobs going through the shop. So, it may work out perfectly. Wouldn't mind getting a hotel out in the area and hitting cabelas and the machine gun shoot as that is the same weekend. Take in the Patton museum again while out there as well. I seem to remember an old fort in the area as well that would be a nice little stop off. May hit some caves on the way back home. Lots to do along the route, just hard to choose.

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