Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy pi day all


Although I prefer the blackberry variety, or the lemon meringue for that matter.

Another bright spot for Texas. They actually have a Senator that has the stones to stand up to Feinstein and ask the same questions of her most normal Americans wish they could ask. Although I would prefer smacking her in the head with a two by four following every word just to help it sink in to her thick, thick head. I do agree with her on one aspect. She is not a sixth grader. Sixth graders probably have a better grasp of the constitution than she does. I sincerely hope this assault weapon ban nonsense woke enough voters up that we can take the senate back in 2014.

Saturday is the Indy 1500. Still trying to make up my mind whether to go or not. I usually have a good time, but, the prices are high and the ammo is scarce with all the nonsense going on. Not to mention the line going around the building.

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