Monday, March 4, 2013

A lot of empty racks

Went to Whitakers today. It was spooky. They have seven aisles of rifles. Each aisle has upper and lower racks of rifles on both sides. each aisle is about 30 foot long. The racks looked like a turkey carcass a few days after Thanksgiving. They are bare in most spots. A few aisles are empty, others have clusters of several guns. I was able to check what they had in minutes instead of a couple hours. The pistol room was just as bare. A lot of empty glass cases. Some cases have a couple pistols. Even the .22 case was stripped clean. They had an old trapdoor I was hoping on getting, but, it had been sold as well. I figured the black guns would be gone, but even the old collectibles and just about anything with a trigger was gone. My buddy said last month, they had security by the entry door monitoring how many entered and issuing numbers for getting in. The place is huge and they were over their legal capacity in customers. I have never seen anything like this before. I have seen the regular gun stores bare, but Whitakers is absolutely huge. To see them stripped like this is unreal.

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