Sunday, March 10, 2013


It was almost 70 degrees,sunny with a mild breeze for the spot shoot today. Absolutely beautiful day to be out. It was very busy today. Between the weather being nice,and the newspaper actually advertising the shoot, there were double the people this week. Did almost double the rounds we did last week. They had homemade chili this week. It was pretty good. Did wind up in a strange conversation. One of the members I was working with was actually an Obama supporter. They have a rather disturbing and peculiar view of events. Through his view, the republicans are the real ones pushing the anti gun agenda while poor Obama is tasked with single handedly trying to right the economic woes the country is in. He even blames the 94 (Clinton) assault weapons ban on the Republicans. In his mind, the republicans pushed the bill through, and when Clinton signed it, they blamed it on Clinton and the democrats. I then find out he is a union worker thus at least explaining the Obama, democrat support part. Where on earth they get their strange and absurd view of events though is beyond me. Maybe their union propaganda are all they base their beliefs on.

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