Sunday, March 3, 2013

Down right chilly out there

Went to the club and worked the spot shoot. It was chilly, windy and damp, so, the crowd wasn't that huge. Doesn't help the newspaper forgot to run the advertisement for it again. Usually takes a few weeks before the paper runs the ad. By then, word of mouth gets out and we are already up to full capacity. It actually let out early as the people started leaving as the wind picked up. I was the one running the targets out and I didn't think it was that bad. They have several fire pits going which makes things a bit more tolerable. Free homemade bean soup for lunch wasn't bad either. They usually have some good soup and coffee for the workers. When it warms up, there is free beer. The beer is there now, but, just a little too nippy out to sound good to me.

My buddy changed his mind on shooting today after the spot shoot. He is moving, and thought he would be done yesterday. His buddy won a gun and they wanted to go out and try it. Hopefully it will be warmer next weekend. It is March, so it should be getting warmer before long. I did get signed up for the friends of the NRA gunapalooza at the club while I was there. It is a small banquet deal where you stand a chance of winning one of many guns available as well as a silent auction. I always have a good time and usually come home with something. It is around my birthday, so hopefully I will win a birthday present. The M1 carbine would do quite nicely.

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