Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wishing everyone a great memorial day

I took Friday off as a personal day just to lengthen the weekend a bit more. It sure is nice to relax a little bit. I took advantage of some of the time and converted some of my families old slides into digital images.

I came across this old picture of my dad on the USS Shangilla where he served in his younger days. It had some other pictures of the aircraft carrier. I haven't seen the slides since we were really little kids, so looking at the pictures now is like seeing them for the first time.

It has some of the old military pictures, but there were hundreds of pictures of relatives from before I was even thought of. It is really interesting seeing pictures from long ago. I will have to burn a CD for my brother and send it off to him. There are a lot of pics of my mom and dad while they were still dating. Old black and white photos of when we were little kids.Slides are a bit old, so have to clean them up a bit with photoshop. Hope everyone has a nice memorial day.

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