Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

I bought myself a nice little birthday present. Whittakers had a couple rifles I wanted to check out, so I headed down there. One of the rifles they were advertising as a Swiss M31. I figured it was a K31. Wrong. It was a K11 carbine, for $199. I have a K31 that I really like, but am always looking for it's relatives, just to have. The rifles prior to the K31 have weaker bolts, so it isn't as much wanting the older ones to shoot, as it is having the series. The numbers are all matching. I don't think they will ever be worth a whole lot, but I just like the unique design and they shoot very well.

The carbine on top is the K31 I already had with it's bolt over it. The one on the bottom is the K11 carbine with it's bolt beneath.

 Here is a closeup of the bolts. Top one is of the K31 and the bottom is the K11. This link gives better details and history to these interesting rifles as well as details of the design changes and their benefits.

It was a beautiful day, and it is always a scenic ride when driving through Kentucky. I am going to have to head back again soon. I saw a Remington rolling block carbine with the saddle ring. I wanted to check what they are going for and the price is more than reasonable and it is in great shape. It was a great day off work. One of the odd perks with my company, they give you your birthday off with pay. Back to work for two more days and hopefully we will get a three day weekend after this weekend if we are lucky.

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