Friday, May 11, 2012

It is going to be a great weekend.

Tomorrow is the friends of the NRA banquet at the club. A chance to win one of 25 guns along with a lot of other prizes. They have an estate auction before hand of a private gun collection. I may head down to Whitakers to check out a few rifles they have listed. They have an interesting Uberti pump action 45 colt rifle for sale. The price is great. They also have a few other rifles I would like to look at. Been running the Vette around the last few days. She is running fine. It handles great on the winding country roads. It is extremely hard to keep the speed down close to the speed limit. It is a blast and handles great. Thinking about taking a personal day Monday just for an extra day of fun. Work in our department is temporarily caught up and we have been working a ton of hours. I have a few personal days saved up and the weather is too nice for work. Suppose to rain Sunday, so I may load Sunday and shoot Monday. Hope to be shooting a new gun from the show, but if not, I have plenty to play with.

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