Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cool military show

Finally made it to the weekend. Got off of work and headed over to the military show. It was a cross between a gun show and a museum. The civil war display was there that was at last weeks antique show. They had old military jeeps, weaponry, uniforms and all sorts of memorabilia from all eras of war. It was really different. I talked to one of the guys I usually see at the armory gun show. He says they use to meet at a smaller VFW hall, but outgrew it. They put on quite a show. Lots of stuff for sale, and lots of items out just for display. Naturally I left my phone at home. May go again tomorrow to get some pictures and see if I can get the price down on a rifle I saw. It is priced reasonable, but never pay full price on a rifle. It is another K31, but in better shape than the one I have. Going to hit the club afterwards. Suppose to meet one of the guys from work at cowboy town. He is suppose to be bringing his fiance out to shoot for a while. I told him I would bring my black powder guns out as well.

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  1. If you don't buy the K-31, and still want another, contact me.

    I have one (along with a few hundred rounds of Swiss ammo). And I need room in my safe.

    We should talk.