Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The donkey died

The old pack mule they are sending the new motor for the drier at work must have died. They now say our new motor should show up Thursday. I got my machine running and all was well. I had it plumbed to the dry side of the air system. Program machine, dress wheel, show sales rep the filter I need for air filter on machine. As I am showing him the filter, water specs show in separator glass. I quickly unplug the line for the scales. The glass of the main moisture filter gets foggy, then starts getting BIG drops of water in it. I have machine disconnected, and am now ready to choke someone. After checking with maintenance man, I find the old air compressor he hooked up to system and powered up to help the new compressor out was also having problems with it's drier. Trouble as in it was pumping moisture directly into compressed air lines. He informed me that we should have the part Thursday and went back to work on putting posts in parking lot to keep truck drivers from driving on grass and plants. Apparently the landscape takes precedence over the machinery that makes the money. I catch up with what passes for management and ask what you have to do to get something fixed. He was totally unaware that the air compressor still had a problem. Not a clue that it has been spewing water through the lines for a week. On the bright side, I should have a loaner drier hooked up by tonight, and hopefully, be able to get the moisture out of the lines and be up and running tomorrow. If I didn't have so many years invested, I would be out of this insane asylum. I can't understand how so many incompetent people get elevated so high that they effectively cripple a company. Not a clue as to what is going on around them. On the bright side, the truckers have some new posts to aim at. Normal company would just pave the area and be done with it.

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