Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back in business.

They installed the rental dryer and spent most of today getting the moisture out of the lines. Getting a quote on a small dryer for our run of line feeding the grinders. Should eliminate future problems. Trying to make sure that they get a different brand than the one we have that keeps breaking down. Don't know if I can persuade them or not. Machine is back up and running fine.

Went to the club meeting after work. Only two weeks until the friends of the NRA banquet at the club. They said there will also be an estate auction of a huge private gun collection at the same banquet. Should be awesome. Have my fingers crossed on winning the safe they have chances on. Mine is full and I need to get another. A free one would be excellent, but something to go in one would be good as well. Probably have to work that day. Looks like I may have to start at 3:AM to get to the banquet on time. The second shift guy will like it as he can come in early and get off earlier. May make the Monday following the banquet a personal day as these long days are getting old quick. Only been back a few weeks, and it doesn't feel like I left. We have lost a few workers who quit and went to a new factory that is suppose to be pretty competitive with wages and benefits. People are all getting tired of working six and seven days, extended hours and no organization. There are a few more making noises of leaving. I have eighteen years in, and am hitting my breaking point on stupidity. Hours don't bother me at all. It is the stupidity and lack of organization that are wearing on me.

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