Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nice gun show

The 4H show was getting pretty lame, but it has added quite a few new vendors and is a really nice show again. They have several vendors that have a lot of militaria. One vendor has books and models, which was different. I picked up some interesting books. I mostly read from my kindle nowadays, but he had a good book on Browning and another one on the Civil war. They had a lot of bayonets at several different tables, which is unusual at this location. Wasn't quite as packed as the last few shows have been. Saw a Krag that was in particularly rough shape, but then again, if I were 114 years old, I would look pretty rough too. One guy had an extensive collection of historical rifle scopes on display. Quite a few of the vendors had collections that were not for sale out on display. It is too bad they don't allow picture taking at this location as some of the displays were very interesting. I hit Best Buy afterwards. They have some good dvd's on sale. Picked up Flags of our Fathers, Patton and the Alien anthology at really cheap prices. Flags of our Fathers was excellent and I haven't seen it since it was at the theater. Clint did a very good job on this film. It was a short weekend, but I am hoping on a three day weekend next week. Only time will tell. Made spaghetti and now it is time to chill and watch a movie. Back to work tomorrow, but if it goes as smooth as Saturday, things will be good.

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