Thursday, April 12, 2012

Range day tomorrow

I built the wood base for the shooting rest today and bolted the rest down to it. Take it out to the range tomorrow to try out. Want to practice shooting clays while there as well.I will post pictures of the rest tomorrow when I get it set up. It is a bit tricky. You have to calculate the recoil in ft/lbs and adjust the shock or springs to accommodate the particular rifle. It isn't too bad as they provide a chart and a calculator on their website. It is incredibly sturdy and the cost is in between the low and high priced lead sleds. There is no need for lead shot or barbell weights as it is mounted to a base and clamped to the table. The tables at the club are concrete and very sturdy, so the set up should be very solid. I want to see how the repeatability is with it as well. I haven't tried the remote trigger yet, but it does come with a hydraulic trigger mechanism to take the human factor completely out of the equation. I will play with my favorite lever gun as well. They have part of cowboy town functional again,and quite a few targets set up at the 50 and 100 yard range. Tomorrow will be the last day I can go during the daytime and pretty much have the place to myself. Weekends sometimes get crowded now that the weather is so nice.

 Vacation is winding down, but it has been both relaxing and productive. I did some work in the garden today. Got a few bushes put in around the shed, and some hostas to fill in the area between. Be a few years before they look like much, but should keep weeds at bay when mature. Haven't decided what I am doing this weekend for sure yet. Still thinking of spending one day at the NRA meet in St Louis. There are some things going on at the club too, so I am still trying to make up my mind. It does feel good to just relax a little though. The guys from work that I shot with yesterday said we got a few more molds in and we are still doing six day, ten hours a day weeks. Money is great, but, I it is harder to do as the weather gets nicer and nicer out. It is great to get out and enjoy while I can. Neighbor behind me was testing his new edger out. He was having so much fun, he did my yard too. He is a great neighbor. He cut part of my grass for me when I was sick earlier in the month. He keeps an immaculate lawn and his wife takes care of the gardens. They are an older semi retired couple.

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