Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fun filled day

Got up and cooked breakfast for me and the dog. He likes bacon eggs and sausage. Then it was off to the club. I took a detour to the local shooting goods store and bought a nice shooting rest. It is real nice. I was going to get a Lead Sled, but I liked the features on this one a lot better. I will post pics when I finish making the base for it. I used it plain out of the box today,and sighted in the M1A, the Garrand, and the savage .17hmr. The rest came with prints for making a plywood base to mount the rest to and c-clamp down to the bench at the range. I should be able to make it tomorrow and hopefully try it out in the afternoon. I played around cowboy town and shot at the rifle and pistol range. I was just about to head home when I got a call from a couple of buddies from work. They were heading to the club to shoot for a while. I set back up and we shot for  a few more hours. When we finished up at the range, we headed over to the trap shoot area where we talked to the trap league and found out how to operate the equipment. We then shot clays for a while. It was a nice relaxing day. About thirteen hours of shooty goodness. Got home and repacked the ammo bags for tomorrow and put the guns in the living room for the night. It was a most enjoyable day. The guys from work never shot at the cowboy town before. One of them never shot lever action before and now wants one really bad. They had fun with the single action revolvers as well. The one kid is going to buy his girlfriend a single action .22 like mine. He liked how it shot, and it has no recoil. You can also shoot it all day for next to nothing.It is always a lot more fun with friends. May hit the trap shoot tomorrow for some practice.

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