Saturday, April 14, 2012

No shootin today

Went down to Whitakers to ogle the guns for a while. I picked up another black powder revolver while I was there. Went to club for their orientation and picnic. I walked through the orientation to see what the new plans for sections of the club are. The new acreage they bought last year is being converted back to a natural habitat. They will be planting a lot of trees on arbor day. They invited members to bring their kids out to help plant trees as well as some cub scout troops. They are digging holes in preparation this weekend. They are also beefing up the berms in cowboy town. They had construction crews dumping dirt and gravel, so both the range and cowboy town were down today. Cowboy town is really shaping up. They also installed a motorized target that moves a "bad guy" steel target down a cable when it is triggered by another target you hit. They have constructed some new structures for shooting from. The newest one is a gallows. Tomorrow I will work the spot shoot at the club. I am hoping they have cowboy town open in the morning so I can shoot before going to the spot shoot. Met some new members that work for the same company I do. I work at the toolroom and they work at the main plant. One of the guys at the club really liked my scope mount on the garrand. He was back out there today and was telling me about an auction he went to today that had a lot of garrands and M1A's for sale. I was meaning to go to that, but thought it was next week. He says next weeks is another big gun auction. Have to see if I have to work or not. I imagine we will be working ten hour days six day weeks still. When my buddies from work came out earlier in the week, they said we are busier than ever. That's all right though. Making money is always good.

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