Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One more day

Eight work hours until vacation starts. I lucked out, and the bosses left me off the weekend list. Typical holiday panic. They have most of the shop working the weekend on hot jobs. Today's club meeting went well. They are having another Friends of the NRA event in May. Bought some tickets for the safe they have up on the auction block. Mine is full, so, I am hoping on getting the safe (wouldn't mind something to go in it either). It is a great time. Food, raffles and games. I won a gun last year. Cowboy town is getting a huge make over. They put up a new building and are expanding the area. I need to take the camera out there and get some pictures. NCOWS are using it again this year. It makes five years in a row now. They put drainage in cowboy town and the rifle range which will hopefully help ease the flooding. Looking forward to spending some time at the club. Need to do some serious reloading this weekend. Want to get the floor welded in the Mustang and the hydraulic clutch bracket made. Eight hours until freedom. YEAHHHH

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