Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finally off for vacation

Didn't quite make it out the door on time. Should have ducked under machine when boss was coming. Got a few hours OT, but still off for the weekend so all is well. Suppose to have recieved my scope mount today according to tracking info, but it isn't looking good. Hopefully be here early tomorrow so I can get it out to the range. If not, I will still hit the range. Want to check out cowboy town and get some updated photos. They put some steel reactive targets out at the hundred yard over there I am anxious to try out. Want to get a ticket to the Friends of the NRA banquet as well. Sounds like they are almost sold out. Huge improvement over last years. They had quite a few unsold tickets last year so quite a few prizes were taken off the table. They have some really interesting guns up this year. They will be doing some work for the kids easter party as well and I can see if they need a hand.

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