Saturday, April 21, 2012

No new guns

The M1A went for $1900, which was still a good deal as it was a match rifle with springfield scope and mount. The broomhandle went for $800. I missed the lugers. Two of them went for $800 each. They were worth a lot more. I just missed them. The springfield trainer was up to $1200 in the online bid which was  more than I would pay. The bad part about bidding online is you don't get to see the gun other than a picture. The bidder could not see Bubba had drilled and tapped the receiver and the barrel to install some chewed up scope mounts. It had also been reblued which effects the value. It was in nice shape other than the scope mounts. Wood was perfect and metal was in great shape. Didn't stay to see how high it went for. They had an early model Springfield 03 that went for about $600. It was one of the early models that they warn you not to fire. It was a nice relaxing day. A bit overcast and gloomy, so a perfect day to be inside. Really nice way to spend the day. Would have been even better if I had been able to bring one of the lugers home. I will definitely be hitting all the gun auctions I can. Great deals and just an enjoyable time. It is only about a five minute drive from home as well, and no admission or parking fees.

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