Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just relaxing

Survived the tornadoes, round one. It was interesting at work. Tornado was heading straight our way. Fortunately for us, the worst went just north of us. Tornado sirens were going off and it was black outside. Rain was so hard it looked almost like snow.  We got a little hail, but no damage. We had to go to the tornado safe part of our building. It is a tin building, so tornado safe is a figment of the imagination. A few of the towns around us were devastated. We lucked out and it didn't touch down until it passed us by. The damage east of us was huge. Those poor people got hit hard. We just caught the tail end that ran down vertically following the main storm. I couldn't imagine being in the area that it touched down in. The pictures are horrid.

I was going to do the spot shoot this weekend, and the weather is fine for it, but I decided to stay home and take care of some chores I have been neglecting instead. Cleaning out old magazines and rearranging some of the furniture and shelving so it is more organized. Magazines and catalogs pile up quickly.This Wednesday is the club meeting so I will get out there early and do some shooting. I am waiting on a scope mount I ordered for the M1A to come in. I am hoping it gets here before Wednesday so I can try it out. I picked up a scope for it at the last gun show they had in town.

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